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RE: Max in hardware?

My MTP runs solid either in stand alone mode (for live gigs) or when
connected to my Mac with the USB cable.  The only thing I have to do
occasionally is to hit the panic button when a Note On message was sent
but not shut Off.

I don't know about the Studio 5 and how it compares to the MTP but I do
know that one thing the MTP has that almost no other midi patchbay
(except MSB+ or DMC) has is the ability to send out multiple
preprogrammed strings of CC's, PC's and Sysex, all saved in a patch
(with a Midi Cannon Message) that can be recalled with a simple patch
change message, sort of like what the PMC10 can do.  The one catch is
that you can only program the MTP to this extent using an app called
Clockworks which only runs on the Mac.


> >The MOTU Midi Timepiece AV/USB has 8in 8out for midi, extensive 
> >rerouting/remapping capabilities, has the ability to store up to 128 
> >programs of custom setups, can send sequences of up to 4 
> simultaneous 
> >midi CC/PC or sysex messages (with each patch change), and has 2 1/4 
> >inch jacks for footpedals or switchs that can be assigned to 
> anything 
> >you like.  It even has a jack for beat detect.  And this 
> does not even 
> >cover what it can handle in a recording studio such as ADAT 
> sync, Word 
> >Clock, SMPTE, etc.
> Here's a link:
has the MIDI information.

I believe that the Studio 5 had somewhat better routing
and programmability... but you need serial ports to
run it.  (I am seriously thinking of getting that
StealthPort, I am singularly unimpressed with USB as
a way to get MIDI... any thoughts on that?  I don't like
those supposed 10-30ms delays... the one unit I tried,
some Roland unit, was consistent but I could feel the
delay and I ain't THAT picky!)


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