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Re: Max in hardware?

I might offer our EventStation as fitting this description. 'Max-in-a-box'
was sort of the motto as we developed the unit. It was originally intended
as a percussion controller but the specs evolved to give it more MIDI
re-mapping capabilities. Basically it has 16 rear panel stereo jacks which
accept a variety of inputs, 1 or 2 zone percussion pads (Roland
compatible), footswitches, expression pedals, pots, piezos, ??? . Each jack
maps to 2 programming slots. Each slot is programmable for 8 events or a
variable-length sequence which you can input live from the system or
externally via MIDI. Each event may be a note or CC and there is a
velocity-window for each event that determines where you want the event to
appear. There's MIDI clock, tap-tempo and a lot of performance-oriented
features. There are actually so many features we've had a hard time
defining the market for the unit. It's still a beta-unit but they are
available. If you want more info you can check out


ps. sorry for the commercial intrusion but since you asked...

At 06:38 PM 11/8/01 -0800, you wrote:
>I know we've discussed this on the list in the past, but I think that was 
>while ago.  I have a Nord Micro Modular which I love, and I was wondering 
>anyone is planning on something similar for MIDI only.  It'd be great if I
>could download MAX-like MIDI patches into a small box so that I could 
>controllers and what-not in performances.  It would be sort of the 
>MIDI problem solver as I see it.  I know that the KYMA can do stuff like
>this, but that's way overkill (and way too large).  It'd also be cool for
>adapting the various MIDI pedal controllers to work with all the different
>loopers that we all use.
>Anybody know anything that does this?
>    Kevin
>Unit Circle Media