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new with questions

hi list,

been lurking for a while, time to say hello and ask questions. listening 
an artist called papa m / aerial m (aka david pajo ex slint & sterolab 
others) got me interested in looping, but have also picked up a few new 
favourites from recommendations on this list.

my beginners question - is there somewhere on the web with info on midi 
control pedals and the usage of these - i've just acquired a 2nd hand 
digitech mc7 with no manual and & want to control chained up rack mounted 
effects with it (korg am8000, sony dpsv55, yam rev100). i really just want 
simple program up/down, it'll save me buying the tech 21 midi mouse if i 
get it going. i don't actually need it for looping as i have a boss rc-20 
(where's the undo button?) until i can afford something higher level.

peace & thanks


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