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Re: [loop NY] 3 alternatives?

writing you from the depths of pneumonia...
I do have that friend/associate Jon Hiltz with the beautiful EAW pa & 
if it get's to the loft being the way to proceed...

my vote obviously would go towards having the thing oriented more toward 
people getting up and doing their musical  thing (in front of an audience 
possible) as opposed to a gear gawk-and-talk fest... s'far as that goes I 
couldn't be less interested in what gear anyone uses... my 2cents anyway...

Leaving for a few dates out west on friday but should be back around the 
computer end of next week.
all the best

>Sure, we might have to do some
>more work, like getting a PA in (I have a 600 W/channel PA
>but that might not be quite enough) but we'd have a chance
>to iron out the bugs and to have a lot of fun doing it.
>The "loft" might still be Chashama... we'll see
>how it goes with them.