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re: [loop NY] 3 alternatives?

>> While a loopfest is of definite interest to the group as a whole, is the
>> planning of it?  Wouldn't it be time to figure out who's in on it and
>> start a separate list for this?  Let us know when it's happening?
>I proposed this before but Kim suggested that we keep it on the
>list.  But I am rather hesitant to spew all this traffic onto
>the list...

Basic, newbie question:  What do the list regulars consider the optimal
message rate for this list?

(I'm guessing it's far lower than, say, motu-mac whose rate is such that it
sends out about 8 DIGESTS a day.  Only reason I'm on that one is that their
online search engine is no good.)

The NYC ideas interest me -- I'm in Connecticut and fantasize about 
joining in.


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