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Loop Shirts, Second Run:Final Call

This is it folks, my last public post on the subject.

  After this, I am out of the shirt business for awhile
  (maybe a full color commemorative issue for the
 10 year LD anniversary?)

  We do have enough orders to warrant a 2nd printing,
   and I am ready to start accepting payments.

   The pricing information is on the Loopers Delight web site,
   of which the proceeds of this project will be supporting (as
   if you didn't already know that by now...)

   Visit www.loopersdelight.com for the scoop.

  Paypal preferred, but, If you need my address to mail a check,
  then email me privately and include in that email color, size ,
  quantity (I will place the order before i receive your check,
  I just wont ship it until the check clears).

   Deadline for this order is Friday! I know that's short notice, but
   I have some folks from the previous shirt order that are waiting due
   to a color/size problem., I gotta rush this one!

   Any other questions?  Feel free to email me (off list).