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loopy song

hi there. i finally have my repeater integrated in my studio in such a way 
that i can make music with it. last night i put together a little live jam 
using the repeater and made a recording of it. you can get it from:


it's called 'Anthem'. the file is an 8Mb 160bps mp3. download at will.

the drums and synth are Rebirth running through Reason and out of 
individual Audiower8 channels, mixed live. The loops are built up live - 
there are 4 of them: two fripper guitar loops, the arpeggios and the 
rhythmic plucking. I am also using 2 filter factories and 2 mofx in this 
the auxs to do the filtering and echo. the drum track is going through a 
and mofx. all the manipulations are realtime.

tell me what you think.