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Re: loopy song

on 11/6/01 2:41 PM, Brett L Maraldo at plexus@sympatico.ca wrote:

> hi there. i finally have my repeater integrated in my studio in such a 
> that i can make music with it. last night i put together a little live 
> using the repeater and made a recording of it. you can get it from:
> http://www.plexusinteractivegroup.com/music/


my wife was in another room reading, and she yelled in (thinking it was me)
"Pie, that's beautiful."  So I took total credit for it.  Psych.  I told 
who it was.  Very nice, though I felt it could maybe use a melody layer 
was not looped at all.  Just to maybe give the loops something to play off
of.  Just a suggestion, it's also good as is.

Mark Sottilaro