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Re: CD Mastering Windows Software

<< You can use your soundblaster or you could find a better card such as something from Midiman. >>

I'm using an Aardvark Direct Pro, BTW.

But, what I'm looking for is to get the ability to create a number of different playlists so I can select x number of songs (not just a stereo mix of one song), perform what processing is appropriate, then create the whole CD, similarly to what the Masterlink does.

I know Wavelab has CD-burning capability but $400 or so seems a bit much as I may or may not get much use out of the program. CD Architect may have been the ticket but it's not being marketed anymore. Actually, a local music dealer had CD Architect copies for sale but I didn't want to deal with the potential hassles of my CD-R drive not being supported or somesuch, as Sonic Foundry is, apparently, not supporting any new development.

Regards, Paul