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Re: MD loops?

A while back I jammed with Miko Biffle doing some way out free improv and the night before
him and his kid were watching some great modern cartoons.  He just had got his MD
so he sampled some of the lines from the cartoon and during our jam he randomly hit off and
on his MD which was going through his 10 space rig. Of course it has an EDP in it and he then was able to loop and mangle it.
I was using my kids YAKBACK into my guitar pickups! What fun!

>>> ammegand@coacalina.org 11/05/01 07:59PM >>>
well after reading some more responses on this .. I have no audible
difference on md loops.  i got a new complaint. forever in debt to your
priceless advice. ummm. umbilical noose.  n o  real problems mit loops.
yeah set on repeat 1.   but if you aren't talkin about that, but about
looping on MD in general, than there is nothing cheaper, more useful and
terrific but more limiting than a md

rite on