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OT: CENTROZOON (Winter 2001 Update)

Dear Friends,

Here's the latest news from Messrs: Reuter & Wostheinrich, namely
CENTROZOON. (My apologies for any inadvertent cross-posting):

- - -

The re-mastered / expanded version of 'Sun Lounge Debris' is now available
to purchase directly from Burning Shed Records: www.burningshed.com. This
ambient masterpiece further augments the CENTROZOON dialect, upholding the
band's philosophy of never repeating themselves!

Listeners can download an edit of Track 01 (Harvest Girls) from the
CENTROZOON website: www.centrozoon.de.

- - -

CENTROZOON will launch a short UK tour in February 2002. Don't miss this
rare opportunity to experience the power of this eclectic unit live and
There are two confirmed dates so far:

* 23rd Feb: Buddle Arts Centre, Wallsend

* 26th Feb: Phoenix Arts & Media Centre, Exeter

More dates will follow, (in Manchester, Norwich, and London). For further
details, and regular updates please visit www.centrozoon.de.

- - -

The 'Bibbiboo' MP3 Station continues to play host to a multifarious blend 
remix commissions, produced by John McCullagh, Mandelbrot, Lee Fletcher, 
Boddy, and Phil Nova: www.mp3.com/stations/bibbibooremixes.

Check out the hottest new arrival: 'All The Time It Is Using Us' (extended
McCullagh mix), which will shortly appear on a special 12" vinyl disc to be
released through Ant-Zen records: www.ant-zen.com.

- - -

There are regular updates and features hosted @ www.centrozoon.de.
Forthcoming treats include downloadable video footage of CENTROZOON live in

We hope to see you there, and thank you for your continued support.


Lee Fletcher (on behalf of CENTROZOON)