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Re: In fashion! Group Photo...

well, there is a local restaurant that posts pictures of their
T-shirts in exotic locations, you know like  Pompeii, and Beijing,
Iowa City...  if any members send me a photo, email or snail mail,
i will host a LD page on dimbulb.org just for that purpose.


Unless I contacted you individually,  your shirt has been mailed.

Dennis Leas wrote:

> I've never been hip, but now I'm stylin' with my LD T-shirt!
> Many thanks, Jason!  Great job!
> Dennis Leas
> -------------------
> dennis@mdbs.com
> P.S. Somebody want to do a "group photo"?  We post our individual pix and
> somebody pastes them together.  Sort of a synthetic "at the LD picnic"