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Re: Boss RC20 & multiple loops

At 04:22 PM 11/2/01 -0800, Steve wrote:
>Is it possible to record multiple samples and play back
>different combinations of them?  That is, could I set up a
>loop of a bass, another loop of just a conga, and loop of
>just a bell, and they play back all three, then the bass and 
>bell, then just conga?  I'd like to have them available either
>all together or only one them, or all except for one of the 
>parts, and do this all live.

Unfortunately, no. The RC-20's interface is a little bit schizoid; you can
either record a track in real time and then overdub onto it in
non-separatable layers, or you can prepare a track in advance, store it to
one of the memory locations, then trigger that to play on top of. You could
easily prepare a loop with a bass, a conga and a bell and then play on top
of it, but you wouldn't be able to isolate the instruments to play by
themselves. You COULD record several versions of the same loop (one without
conga, one without the bell, etc.) and store them to separate locations to
switch between, but that's a lot of hassle. For what you're talking about,
you'd need something with multitrack capability. I'm pretty sure the
Repeater could do it.

I've found for my purposes I don't even use the canned memory, but rather
do all of it in real time.
>I think I get the overdub function, but that won't allow
>taking an instrument out temporarily.