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Boss RC20 & multiple loops


I'm considering the Boss RC20 for my first looping gizmo, and
have a question that isn't clear to me after reading various
reviews and comments.

Is it possible to record multiple samples and play back
different combinations of them?  That is, could I set up a
loop of a bass, another loop of just a conga, and loop of
just a bell, and they play back all three, then the bass and 
bell, then just conga?  I'd like to have them available either
all together or only one them, or all except for one of the 
parts, and do this all live.

I think I get the overdub function, but that won't allow
taking an instrument out temporarily.

Finally, if this is possible, does the tap tempo affect all
the loops or just the one(s) being played?

Yours in rhythm,

hi rw!

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