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Re: Short review of the Boss RC-20

These are approximate prices.
The Headrush just went up from$300 to $350.
The EPD are hard to come buy, last i heard, $1800
The repeater is $1700
You won't see a boomarang in australia, wihch sounds funny.
The DL4 which i use with the Headrush is about $800.
I'm waiting for a headrush with much longer time.
Maybe i should check out a boomarang.  ?

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Subject: Re: Short review of the Boss RC-20

> At 09:12 PM 11/2/01 -0800, you wrote:
> >What did you guy's think of the hiss on the created loop.
> >it realy turned me off the whole thing,
> I really didn't notice all that much hiss with mine; for me, the
> of lower fidelity has more to do with the high frequency roll-off, which 
> thought was pretty close to the older (nonplussed?) version of the
> >I would'nt be supprised if the sample rate was far below
> >the headrush,
> Absolutely. Mine's sitting right next to my Headrush, so it's pretty easy
> to a/b them  for instant comparison. A friend of mine has a similar setup
> with a Headrush and a DL-4, and of the three, the Headrush has by far the
> highest audio fidelity but probably the most limited functionality. They
> all have their pros and cons; I actually use the RC-20 quite a bit 
> of the long loop time, but I've learned that it's not so good for 
> up too many massed layers as it overloads way earlier than do my other
> loopers. And having to hold that button for two seconds to clear the
> previous loop is a pain.
> As for the undo, neither of them really have the flexibility to undo just
> the most recent of several layers; the Headrush can take you back to the
> base layer which is useful, but you can't undo ONLY the last cycle like
> could with a more sophisticated box (EDP, et al). I don't consider the
> RC-20's so-called "undo" to be all that useful for real-time use, because
> unless you've saved a loop into one of the canned memory locations (a
> little bit impractical in real time) and are playing on top of it, it
> really doesn't HAVE an undo. Again, they both have their own strengths 
> weaknesses, and I'm finding that they work pretty well in tandem.
> >As with the ARSY-20
> >that thing is $850 in australia, what a waste of money!
> Ouch. (Just for comparison's sake, what's the going rate down under for
> other loopers on the market? EDP, Repeater, 'Rang, DL-4, Headrush...)
> -t-