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Re: Short review of the Boss RC-20

I've found it to be very quiet. No noise, and no digital hiss that you 
get from a lower sample rate. Can you be more specific?

I did check out the headrush and liked it but what compelled me to buy the
rc-20 was the very long sample time. The repeater and echoplex (my 
were too expenive for me. Of course when I win the lotto I'll buy them

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Sent: Friday, November 02, 2001 9:12 PM
Subject: Re: Short review of the Boss RC-20

> What did you guy's think of the hiss on the created loop.
> it realy turned me off the whole thing,
> I would'nt be supprised if the sample rate was far below
> the headrush,  and the headrush is great for quick results
> and has an undo funtion. a great live tool.
> As with the ARSY-20
> that thing is $850 in australia, what a waste of money!
> Obviously every one is very different from one another.