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Re: Short review of the Boss RC-20

Glad to hear your  comments and I concur with your point of view.
I purchased mine at the same time as the Repeater. At that time there was 
a lot
of issues to address regarding the the Repeater. I did not get into the 
for for some time. When I got around to it I was delighted.
It is not full featured as some of the more expensive items out there, but 
love it!
I use it as a studio aid in the Looping and efx section of my studio, 
feeding it samples from a laptop. The RC-20 allows me to record a silent 
of a good period of time and the allows me to work all the Trks in overdub
mode. It does have a limited functionality, however it's simplicity is 
At this price you cannot beat it.

Chris hutton

Funkay wrote:

> I paid about $280 (including the power supply which was extra) for this 
> shiny new boss pedal. I was hoping for a lower cost boomerang for 
> and to use live. My biggest concerns were with how well it would work 
> other instruments because for the most part it seems to be marketed as a
> guitar pedal. All my concerns were answered and this thing is working 
> after about 3 weeks of use. 5 1/2 minutes of sampling time, plus you can
> save your loops! I consider myself a little spoiled after playing for a 
> or two with an EDP but I was not at all let down by this pedal. Its great
> for practicing, but live performance is another thing...It only has two
> pedals onboard, leaving the rest of its features as buttons which can't 
> pressed with your feet. I bend over quite a bit to mess with things. The
> other complaint is there is no undo function. Screw up and theres no 
> back. The sound quality is good, but boss seems to be keeping the sample
> rate a secret.
> I really like this pedal. It certainly compares to the boomerang or the 
> 6 DL4 and in my opinion it outranks both.  Its built very strong and I 
> trust it to use live. Every once in a while it has a glitch and puts a 
> delay in between hitting the pedals and stopping the loop, but it only 
> to happen within the first few minutes of starting it up. Other than my 
> complaints, boss has put together a very good product, especially
> considering the price.