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R: free mp3 sites

A good site (at least I find it to be  more serious than mp3.com) is
www.emusic.com I have my two releases on this site, and I've currently sent
to them (you have to send them a copy of your cd (audio) and they'll do the
mp3 conversion and the upload) my new cd and an e.p. of collaborations with
my friends. They are a bit slow sometimes in the upload, but they are
stable. (I've found my Altered Sounds page down on mp3.com for 3 or 4 
now, and on the Morgoth one it has happened that the files that were for
sale disappeared, while the free ones remained, and so I have had to
re-upload them all the times). Apart from the fact that in 2 years I and my
label have seen very few dollars from them (and we are also selling some
Charlie Parker releases and other jazz greats, that in all the other sites
sell very well). Stay away from www.vitaminic.com , as they are even more
unreliable than mp3.com.

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> hi there !
> can anybody tell me other
> sites offering similar services
> to mp3.com ?
> (they don't accept my cover ...)
> thanks,
> Raul Bonell
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