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R: repeater price, was Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

Well, I am currently coming in London for a week with a fellow guitarist,
and we are coming there to take a look to music shops, as I found that in
England something cost almost half the price that they cost in Italy (Here
the fender stratocaster standard (USA) has raised in price from 1.990.000
italian lira to 2.990.000 i.l. in six months and after a change in the
distribution). Marshall prices have had the same treatment. It's funny, to
go to a country with which exchange should be unfavourable and pay
instruments less than in your country.

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> on 31/8/01 10:08 AM, Os at os@scee.sony.co.uk wrote:
> >
> >
> >> Alto Music was selling them for under 500 bucks a piece.  They got
> >> out by Electrix so they raised the price to $549.  I ordered mine for
> >> from Sixte Cycle (affiliated with Leitz Music in Florida).  Guitar
> > is
> >> selling them for $599.
> >
> > just found out that the UK list price is 649 pounds - about $950!
> >
> > once again, we get screwed royally.  :(
> >
> > I wonder if Electrix know about this, or whether it's just the
> > hiking the price?
> >
> I have discussed this issue of unreasonable price difference between USA
> the UK with several dealers on numberless occasions. It applies to any
> imported item, no matter of what kind. The general claim is that most of
> difference is due to custom/import taxes, nothing to do with the dealers
> themselves making more profit. Another small portion is due to higher
> overall business costs for UK traders (higher income tax, higher rents
> and the actual cost of shipment.
> I don't know if there is a solution. So far the only way around it I 
> find is to get someone to buy things for me abroad, then send them to me
> marked as "personal present" - Even so the Customs have occasionally
> the parcel and questioned the "present", once charging me the import tax,
> the value added tax plus a handling fee..., thus doubling the actual cost
> the "present"!
> Roberto
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