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Importing gear from other countries

Os (04:34 AM 08.31.2001) wrote:

 >> Wow.  That's twice what some people have paid.  What are the legal
 >> issues of ordering it from the US and paying shipping?  Or better yet,
 >> having a friend in the US buy it and send it to you separately?  Good
 >> luck.  And sorry to hear about the exorbitant price.
 >As roberto points out, you end up paying tax & import duty, not to mention
 >shipping. Perfectly legal though.

Yes, it's legal in the terms of some government agency knocking on your 
door and arresting you :) but...

You'll want to check with the distributor for your country, or the 
manufacturer themselves (Damon may want to comment for Electrix) about 
warranty status when you do this.

I know that many of the distributors here in the US will _NOT_ honor 
warranties on gear that was purchased outside of the US and shipped in. 
example, JoMoX is VERY adamant about this, and the distributor made quite 
statement a year ago or so on the Analogue Heaven mailing list.

The situation is different for gear that was purchased outside of the US 
and then brought in during a move or relocation.