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Re: Mics for field recording

> Just a note on Andy's comment about Sony mics.
>  The "strange capsule arrangement" is probably an M/S configuration, 
>  one of the more accurate ways to capture a stereo field -- at least from
>  what I understand. 
M/S would have one capsule (usually cardiod, but not always) pointing 
'Forwards', and the other a figure 8 at 90 degrees to this. The 3rd Sony 
that I mentioned was obviously aiming at this.
M/S is especially good for recording a single instrument, as that 
will be directly on axis for the main capsule.   
The other two have 2 capsules pointing at 180 degrees to each other, so 
probably good for holding up vertically for capturing an all round 
but no good for recording a particular sound. Both mikes look as if you 
should point them straight at a sound source, one even has a false grill 
support this impression.
There are a number of different stereo miking techniques, and endless 
as to which is best. The 2 capsules pointing in opposite directions is not 
one of these, I've never seen it mentioned and was surprised to find it 
implemented in those mics.   
Of course you're right in saying that Sony have been making mikes for 
I should have said that they don't have great experience at making 
profesional audio mics.
I would expect that if Sony really wanted to make a decent mic, they 
even if they had to buy in the expertise. So I wouldn't say don't buy that 
Sony, but just to be aware that they've made some duffers.

Its always good to check the second hand shops for stereo mics, as they 
don't look that expensive, so get sold for much under their worth. 
at about 10% of the original price. 

andy butler