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Re: Mics for field recording

What models are you  referring to?  ........ must ID. to understand.

SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:

> Beware the Sony stereo mics.
> I've looked inside 3 of these.(and tried them out)
> Two of them had a really strange capsule arrangement, 2 cardiod 
> pointing in opposite directions. That may be usable in some cases, but 
> never give a 'proper' stereo image, and in fact is not one of the many
> 'officially accepted' set ups for stereo.
> One of those mics was fixable with a small file, a screwdriver, and some
> pliers.
> The other was unchangable( an old dynamic job that only cost me a 
> The third mic had one transducer pointing forwards, and the other, (which
> would nominally be figure 8, but actually closely resembled the other
> capsule) was pointing sidewards. This was just an awful sounding mic, I 
> offered it for free and declined.
> These mics can sometimes be bought secondhand very cheaply, in which case
> they're probably worth it.
> But some of the list prices (and second hand prices) are just not worth 
> I guess Sony just don't have the mic expertise.
> If your going to spend a bit, get a Beyer or a Sennheiser, firms that 
> been making good mics for years.
> Disclaimer- I've heard some folks praise their particular Sony mic, and I
> haven't heard (or disassembled) them all.
> On a budget(30 GBP), Studiospares do a lapel mounting stereo job which is
> actually very useable. (as long as you don't use the supplied battery 
> andy butler