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Re: Soundfield mic

> If we had more info, us DIY types could make a pale imitation that would 
>  fun to experiment with.  Anybody have a patent number from this puppy?
The idea of the Soundfield seems to be that it's like a stereo config, but 
that it is completely configurable as to the image width and the direction 
that it points in (left right, and up-down as well). If you record all 4 
channels direct you can in effect make your recording, and position the 
I think the original idea was to save time at expensive recording sessions.
In order for this to work you need very high quality capsules, as the off 
axis sound must be as good as the on axis.
So in essence its just 4 capsules pointing tetrahedrally, producing 4 
you can mix to stereo ( with the possibility of inverting the phase on any 
combination of signals) .

well hope that helps

andy butler