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Re: Filter factory or mofx still around?

Are you trying to tell me that this guy named jeb has one, and he's a

frickin' BANJO PLAYER?  I got a connection with them folks over at pony

express, and I can hunt him down quite easy.  He probably has one a 'dem 

darn re-peters by now too.  Help me find this jeb 'n jimbob pair 'n I'll

show 'em a thing 'er two...

(but seriously folks, 'cuz of the brilliance of this list, a feller sent me
some stats on EXACTLY where to find em, and now their on the way...  A FF


On 8/24/01 2:30 PM, "Mark Sottilaro" <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:

> (cut to Jethro Bodeen's favorite music store)
> Jeb, just what in tarnation is that damn blinky box?
> Donno, cousin - brother Jimbob, but when I hooked up my electrictronical
> banjo up to it... it twern't natural, I tell ya!
> (desolve to tight shot of Todd Reynolds, his eyes welled up with tears)
> sniff-sniff There has to be one out there somewhere! sniff
> todd reynolds wrote:
>> Does anybody know of any blowout electrix products still hanging out in
>> back-country stores anywhere?  Filter factory, mofx?  Or is this an ebay
>> moment...
>> Best,
>> Todd Reynolds