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RE: Digitech PMC10 FS

-----Original Message-----Kevin  wrote:
I'm afraid its time to face the fact that I will not have the time to 
out how to use this device properly any time soon and so I'm offering it up
to those who already know what they want to do with Midi.
***It occurred to me last night as I rearranged the patches in my master
bank that there is a fairly steep learning curve on this unit, SO . . .
Come on Monk, take the plunge!  By the time your Mitigators finally crap
out, you'll know how to use it!
Also, it's possible to "play" your old patches into this one, for easy
transfer (don't think the 'Gator will do that).
PS  I just bought a mint replacement 2 months ago so I'm out of the 
Have fun!