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Re: MIDI Still?

At 10:04 PM 8/22/2001, Mark wrote:
>You know, there's been a lot of talk about MIDI on this list, and it's
>short comings.  MIDI has been around since the early 80s (late 70s if
>you count Sequential Circuits version)
>What the hell is going on?  Did we loose a war?

me ug-ug. me musician. me no want new thing. me want to bang stick 
exactly the same way they designed the stick 2 million years ago. me pay 
lot more if you call it vintage.

>I know that Kim was in on an alternative.  Is it dead?

that was zipi, which was dead quite some time ago.

>It sure seems
>silly that I'm going from USB to MIDI.  They told me that in the future
>there would be flying cars and we'd all be wearing silver jumpsuits. Our
>meals would be in pill form and we'd have a highspeed data transfer
>language for musical instruments.  So where are they?

probably someday you will fly your car to the martian guitar center to 
up the first midi-the-next-generation device. (it will be out of stock.)


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