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Re: field recorders

Hi All !

Yes, the Uher Report series is a cheaper reel-to-reel alternative to 
Nagra and Stellavox .  Still good tho :) .

There's the mono 2track 4000, the stereo 2track 4200 and the stereo 
4track 4400 .  Mind, late models are 3head, earlier ones 2head .  
4 speed, 19cm/s max . 13cm spools .  Pretty solid stuff .  I've had a 
s/h 4000 for 30 years now, and it still runs .  Head is shot tho :)  
5-6 yrs ago i got a s/h 4200 3head .  Mainly to listen to those old 
tapes ;^) .  Nicad and lead accus used to be available .  Takes c 
cells .  And gets through them quite quickly too .  Those 
rechargeable alcalines might be an idea here .

Special pilot-tone models also produced, as with Nagra and Stellavox .

Uher also made some pretty decent portable cassette recorders, as did 
Marantz and Sony .  The reel-to-reel's are better :)

Cheers .

Keep 'em oscillating :)