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Re: (OT) laurie anderson?

Mark wrote:

> Can my wife and I join your new band David?  We're gonna be the Captain 
> Tenille of ambient music!  Wooo hooo!
> It reminds me of the time Peter Gabriel told Laurie Anderson, "You 
>should try and
> make music that's more accessible to people."  She came out with the 
> Angles album.  Now, I don't know how many of you feel about that album, 
>but I
> thought it was by FAR her worst work.  I thought that even before I 
>heard it was
> made based on Peter's recommendation.  Years later she recorded 
> Red, and I was blown away.
> As my friend Bill used to say, "To thine own self be true."
> Mark "The Captain" Sottilaro


i may be treading on thin ice, since i recall you used to play w/ ms. a. & 
probably have pretty strong opinions about her stuff, but think just the 
opposite re
tightrope/bright red and strange angels...t/br sits collecting dust, while 
i do
manage to put strange angels on every once in a while. i think its got 
several gems
on it- i never felt like it was a clumsy attempt at reaching a wider 
audience- it
for once seemed to contain a little soul compared to most of her other 

lance g.

ps give my regards to tenille