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Re: (OT) public/bunch/brain dead/lemmings

Can my wife and I join your new band David?  We're gonna be the Captain and
Tenille of ambient music!  Wooo hooo!

It reminds me of the time Peter Gabriel told Laurie Anderson, "You should 
try and
make music that's more accessible to people."  She came out with the 
Angles album.  Now, I don't know how many of you feel about that album, 
but I
thought it was by FAR her worst work.  I thought that even before I heard 
it was
made based on Peter's recommendation.  Years later she recorded 
Red, and I was blown away.

As my friend Bill used to say, "To thine own self be true."

Mark "The Captain" Sottilaro

Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:

> on yet another topic that quickly became only remotely related to its
> original subject-line and is beginning to sound remarkably similar to the
> topic that was entitled 'basic intro',
> someone (?qui?) said:
> >>Yes, but the public are a bunch of brain dead lemmings.
> caliban@darklock.com responded:
> >Then why are you making music to begin with?
> shit, yer right!
> thanks, caliban, for clarifying ---and, as you'll see below, 
> the past 30+ years of my life, so summarily.
> from now on, i'll try a *lot* harder to make music that more people like,
> regardless of what *i* perceive to be germane to the potential uplifting 
> my (or anyone else's) existence --- duck & cover, gango, i think i'm 
> build another musical mcdonald's/burger king/popeye's/taco bell!
> i can see it, now:
> i'll be the martha stewart of looping, the katie couric of guitar, the 
> of coffee-makers! i'll be the moby of mixing, the george w. bush of
> effects-routing, the j-lo of the whammy bar, the marilyn manson of
> tabla-machining, the larrykinglive of oud!
> >For some elite group of
> >people who can appreciate it? I prefer to enjoy myself.
> some of us make music -of varying *styles*- for more, ermmmm..... 
> 'reasons' --- (i'm not sure that the word 'reason' applies, herein).
> some of us are committed to music inna way that is, well, different than 
> can certainly be 'inclusive of') 'self-enjoyment'.
> methinks that the depth of this kinda commitment requires that one be at
> least a *little* bit impervious to folks' opinions, elite or otherwise 
>--- of
> course, that's not to imply that someone of this stripe wouldn't 'listen 
> other people's opinions (and/or, 'purchasing habits'), just that the 
>root of
> one's creative intentions might be the primary source of 
> >If I come up
> >with something great, hey, cool. If I don't, fuck it, I had fun. Usually
> >I come up with something that a reasonably large group of people *also*
> >considers fun.
> should music be fun? yeah, some of it should..... but not all of it, & 
> all the time.
> best,
> dt / s-c