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(OT) public/bunch/brain dead/lemmings

on yet another topic that quickly became only remotely related to its 
original subject-line and is beginning to sound remarkably similar to the 
topic that was entitled 'basic intro', 
someone (?qui?) said:
>>Yes, but the public are a bunch of brain dead lemmings. 

caliban@darklock.com responded:
>Then why are you making music to begin with?
shit, yer right!
thanks, caliban, for clarifying ---and, as you'll see below, 
the past 30+ years of my life, so summarily.
from now on, i'll try a *lot* harder to make music that more people like, 
regardless of what *i* perceive to be germane to the potential uplifting 
my (or anyone else's) existence --- duck & cover, gango, i think i'm gonna 
build another musical mcdonald's/burger king/popeye's/taco bell!
i can see it, now:
i'll be the martha stewart of looping, the katie couric of guitar, the 
of coffee-makers! i'll be the moby of mixing, the george w. bush of 
effects-routing, the j-lo of the whammy bar, the marilyn manson of 
tabla-machining, the larrykinglive of oud!

>For some elite group of
>people who can appreciate it? I prefer to enjoy myself.
some of us make music -of varying *styles*- for more, ermmmm..... 
'reasons' --- (i'm not sure that the word 'reason' applies, herein).
some of us are committed to music inna way that is, well, different than 
can certainly be 'inclusive of') 'self-enjoyment'.
methinks that the depth of this kinda commitment requires that one be at 
least a *little* bit impervious to folks' opinions, elite or otherwise --- 
course, that's not to imply that someone of this stripe wouldn't 'listen 
other people's opinions (and/or, 'purchasing habits'), just that the root 
one's creative intentions might be the primary source of (self)-criticism.
>If I come up
>with something great, hey, cool. If I don't, fuck it, I had fun. Usually
>I come up with something that a reasonably large group of people *also*
>considers fun.
should music be fun? yeah, some of it should..... but not all of it, & not 
all the time.
dt / s-c