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Re: Stereo EDP/footswich problem

Dennis, thanks for the quick respone

I will try what you suggest.

But from my last post  it appears that my "master" EDP is in more trouble
than I thought.

It now seems that my EDP master WILL NOT come out of REC mode - the 
slave works fine with the f/s.

Great for mono infinite looping - but not so great for stereo looping.


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Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2001 4:26 PM
Subject: Re: Stereo EDP/footswich problem

> > I am wondering if I have a "footswitch" or a "Sync circuit" problem?
> Sounds more like a MIDI problem to me...
> This is the EDP EFC-7 f/s?  I.e., *not* a MIDI f/s?
> Try this: disconnect the two EDPs from each other.  Try the f/s in the
> master, then disconnect and try it in the slave.  If it works in both,
> it is not your f/s.
> The master controls the slave via MIDI.  Confirm that your MIDI cable is
> and that you have both EDPs configured correctly.  Especially the MIDI
> parameters.
> Hope this helps.
> Dennis Leas
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