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Stereo EDP/footswich problem

I have been using two EDP's in stereo for a few years now but..
Yesterday, the footswitch(f/s) now only controls the master - the slave doesn't respond to the f/s at all.
I have tried
- swapping master and slave machines including resetting parameters for each machine - f/s controls assigned master only
- f/s cable controls new master when master/slave swap
- TRS Brother cable tested to be fine
- front panel buttons all work to control each respective unit but master front panel buttons don't control slave
- when front panel buttons used to sync manually, "footswitch overdub" switch only controls master.
I am wondering if I have a "footswitch" or a "Sync circuit" problem?
Up until now, the EDP's and f/s have performed flawless - so much so that I am totally dependant on them for stereo.
Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions
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