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Re: Stereo EDP

Hummmm....Gerry's message regarding his stereo EDP operational problems 
me think about how stereo operation works for the EDP...

Using the EFC-7 footswitch (or equivalent) or front panel switch, you tap
RECORD on the master EDP.  The master sends a MIDI note-on/off to the slave
to start recording.  Likewise, to stop recording, you tap RECORD on the
master EDP and it sends a MIDI note-on/off to the slave to stop the

Since MIDI commands take about 1 millisecond (a little less actually) to
transmit, doesn't this mean that there is a phase difference between the
left and right channel?  I.e., the slave signal will be shifted in phase
with respect to the right.

Even with *real* clever programming, this characteristic would be hard to
compensate for.

On the other hand, if you used a MIDI footswitch to trigger the EDPs, both
master and slave would recieve the RECORD commands simultaneously resulting
in no phase error.

Conclusion: For "perfect" stereo looping with the EDP, use a MIDI

Does this make sense?  Kim?  Matthias?

Dennis Leas