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Loops For ACID 3.0 - THANX !

Hello Folks !
I am just sending out a blanket THANK-YOU, to all those who purchased 
Foundry ACID 3.0 (for $99.00 or $149.00) and used my email address 
(ldarthard@ameritech.net) in the "Refer By" box.
Because of you, I will receive 5 FREE ACID Loop Libraries.

I am willing to share my good fortune with anyone interested in obtaing 
of my Loops.
I will be receiving :
      ACID DJ Expander Pack
      Downtempo Beats
      Hip Hop / R&B Vocals
      Techno Club Grooves II / Funky Extremes II
      Esssential Sounds II
(That's almost $250.00 retail value).

<br><br><br>Lucien E. Darthard
A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline Placed On It.
Cell Phone 1-773-578-3504

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