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R: What's Up with Carvin?

Hi. As far as it goes for guitars, I think they make some of the best
guitars I've played in almost 16 years of electric guitar playing. A friend
of mine has just received a neck through strat like guitar, with ebony
fingerboard, dunlop jumbo frets, dual carvin humbuckers , sperzels, fixed
bridge (all of this for less than 600 $), and when I tried that one, I
really thought to commit a crime and to steal him that guitar:-):-):-)
 It was damn light (strange for a neck through), and it played well right
out of the box (it had travelled to Italy from the factory in USA and it 
only the G string a bit out of tune). For a production instrument it is
waaaaay better than any gibson or fender I have tried in the years (the
workmanship in Carvin factory is really great).
I've also tried a carvin mixer, and I find it a good workhorse. I don't 
one just 'cause here in Italy it's a bit a problem to find one.
And as far as it goes on (guitar) amps, the tube ones are great (just ask 
Frank Zappa, Warren Cuccurullo, Steve Vai and Mike Keneally).