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Re: MIDIclock and other syncing

At 11:19 AM -0700 8/10/01, Jonathan El-Bizri wrote:
>> MIDI can be helpfull but is made to sync MIDI events to each other or
>> to audio and is neither acurate nor handy enough for audio.
>> It does not transmit where the beginning of the cycle is! You have to
>> remember it since the beginning of the song by counting /
>> caluculating the clocks right. Ok as long as you keep the same
>> measure throughout the song, bad if you change it.
>Couldn't that be solved with midi note messages on a dummy midi track -
>having the EDP recognize a note on message as the start of the cycle, or
>defaulting to normal if it doesn't see one?

that would be rather proprietary, and not work in many cases.

>This would definitely be of
>>great< use to me - I've often hit the wrong button and had the EDP lose
>site of the start of the loop. It's my biggest fear in a live situation,
>since apart from rebooting the EDP, I've found no fast fix.

we have a FAR better solution to this whole type of problem. I think you
will like it.


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