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Re: Choose loops tools fo saxophone and acoustique guitare

Your best bet is to go back to www.loopers-delight.com and go through the 
archives and the "Tools" page.  Most claim the Echoplex is the hands down
champion of looper.  The Repeater is still a rumor.  Lot's love the 
Boomerang.  If you're willing to hunt, you might find a used JamMan.  (I 
love mine,
but it's somewhat limited compared to the JamMan.  There's a comparison on 
the looper site) It's more about personal preference than anything else.  
are cheap A/B switches to change imputs, or you could do what I do and get 
a decent mixer, like the Mackie.


"francois.l@voila.fr" wrote:

> Hello, l am new in this mailing list.
> l want to make some loops with my guitare and my saxophone.
> 1) Do you think l have to make a mix and send them both to the loop,
> or is there a footswitch that can dispath saxo or guitare alternatively.
> There must have two inputs in this case. The level must be adjust before.
> 2) What is the type of tool that will be more appropriate to make loop 
>with the saxophone (rate sample : 44 Khz): DL4, RC-20, Electrix, 
> 3) What is the rate sample of the DL4 and RC-20 ?
> Thanks a lot.
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