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Video performance ELECTRICITY MUSIC @Z (Cambridge MA) aug 11!(sat)

Hi folks.

I'll be doing video improvisations with this exciting bunch of 
musicians Saturday night at the Zeitgeist . We have to end a little 
early, so we will be trying to start on time.




                           sat 11 aug '01

             9pm         "ELECTRICITY MUSIC"


                  CURTIS BAHN    -  sensor bass
                  ANDREW NEUMANN -  laptop, switches, sensors
                  NEIL LEONARD   -  sax, electronics

Live, sponaneous improvisation in the electronic domain by three 
musicians who design and build their own machines, interfaces and 
interactive software. Incorporating notions of chance, 
unpredictablity and hybridization, with no sequencing and no set 
sound files, the music is in a constant state of flux.

             11pm             "Euphony Groove"

                     FRED STUBBS, master Ney (Turkish flute) player 
and Director returns to the gallery with a stellar lineup of
acoustic virtuosi:

Fred Stubbs    -   Turkish ney flute
Matthew Burton -   Australian didgeridoos
Todd Roach     -   Middle Eastern & North African hand drums
Thomas Brett   -   Chinese yang-qin hammer dulcimer

EUPHONY GROOVE  is a sound collective directed by Fred Stubbs that 
combines timbres and sonorities from several continents to produce a 
new music. The show will includ improvised structures such as Fwefwe 
and Boomenang, as well as music composed specially for this event 
using overtone singing. An Out of Cambridge Experience! 


"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man 
persists in adapting the world to himself. Therefore, all progress 
depends on the unreasonable man.

--  George Bernard Shaw

                Emile Tobenfeld, Ph. D.
Video Producer                  Image Processing Specialist
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