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Re: who fixes EDPs?

At 2:40 PM -0700 8/3/01, Will Brake wrote:
>No, the dry signal wouldn't require that type of processing. I can't say
>more as I've never seen the circuit, but I would assume that true bypass
>would have been used. It's certainly the best way to get the least
>coloration of your dry signal.

maybe, but also really inflexible. I think with looping gear you usually
want some kind of mix control to balance the loop audio versus the direct
audio. (as is in the echoplex). Otherwise you would either be stuck with
what you get, or always require an external mixer with even the most basic
looping application. I also like have input and output level controls on
each piece of gear. The whole "true bypass" thing seems kinda silly to me,
unless you are working with really cheap audio parts. Very few people will
hear any tone change in direct audio passing through a reasonably well
designed analog audio path.

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