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Re: Advertising auction gear(ME TOO-ism)

At 10:19 AM -0700 8/4/01, Mark wrote:
>Anyway, what I DO HATE is that when people respond to such sales on list: 
>Gear for Sale. "How much" Re: Gear for Sale. "500"  Re: Gear for Sale. 
>that include shipping?"  etc... you get it.  While I'm on the subject, 
>list is really bad with "Me too-ism" and "lol-ism"  I think we'd all 
>benefit a
>lot if people thought a bit about what they were writing, and consider if 
>meaningful to the whole list, or is it just directed to an individual.  
>private banter between individuals OFF LIST.

along those lines, some people have pretty bad habits about not editing
messages they are replying to. Don't just leave the whole damn thing in
there that everybody already saw, and just stick some new stuff on the top.
(what I think of as lazy corporate email style.)  That's a big waste of
bandwidth and really sucks on the digest. Edit down to the stuff you are
actually replying to. And try to make some effort to differentiate your
reply from the original. With some people's replies, you can hardly tell!

Also, HTML is for web pages, not email, no matter what some email programs
want you to believe. HTML (and rich text) takes up way more space than
plain text, and usually adds nothing to an email that is all text anyway.
Another big waste of bandwidth. Your HTML posts are pretty much unreadable
in the digest version of the list, and look like crap for people using mail
software that doesn't really support html. Post in plain text!

>Most lists have this as a hard
>rule, but Kim prefers a less restrictive list, and I applaud him for it.  
>does put the responsibility on the individual...  It's kind of like what
>America was supposed to be ;^)

It's true, although I've been tempted to add restrictive filters that block
html and attachments. Some lists I know of even reject posts unless they
have a certain percentage of new material versus quoted text being replied
to, which I've also thought of. But I've never bothered because most people
get "advised" about these things pretty quickly and straighten up. I really
do prefer that the list community regulate itself, and mostly this one 


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