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Determination Of Reasonable Rates And Terms For The Digital Performance Of Sound Recordings

SUMMARY: The Copyright Office is requesting comment on proposed regulations
that will govern the RIAA collective when it functions as the designated
agent receiving royalty payments and statements of accounts from nonexempt,
subscription digital transmission services which make digital transmissions
of sound recordings under the provisions of section 114 of the Copyright


This isn't a "look and see" kind of post, but rather an encouragement to
comment, to those who care about whether they get paid or not under certain
conditions of "Internet Play" and other future forms of broadcast.  If the
only ones that the Copyright Office hears from are big record companies, 
can guarantee that the legislation will favor them.  So I therefore
encourage those of you who produce work for online broadcast to read the
above article, which includes the proposed legislation text.

Whether or not we get screwed in the future regarding pay for the use of 
music may have a relationship to the amount of us that respond to the
inquiry.  Need I say more?

Stephen Goodman
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