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Re: Back in the saddle, again...

At 11:55 AM -0700 7/31/01, Jonathan El-Bizri wrote:
>    Unfortunately, my echoplex seems to be broken :< I can't turn the
>feedback to 100% any more - it's always fading out. It doesn't seem to
>matter whether I use a pedal, or the front panel (though the pedal is 
>flaky - it could be unrelated). Anyone had this happen to them? It's a bit
>of a show stopper, unless I keep 'filling up' the loop every once in a
>while, which breaks the sonfg structure and confuses band mates. I'd be
>loath to do it live. Any suggestions?

hey Jonathan, welcome back!

there was a batch of echoplexes that went out a year or two ago that had a
component that was out of spec. The symptom was exactly that, every now and
then you would turn it on and it was like the feedback was stuck at 95%.
Most times you power up and it is fine. (that's why they slipped out, it
was hard to detect....)  It is relatively easy to fix, just by getting that
part replaced. If you contact Shane Radtke at Gibson he'll fix you right
up. <sradtke@gibson.com>, 1-800-544-2766 x206 or (847) 741-7315 x206.


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