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RE: Back in the saddle, again...

there are a number of things that can cause feedback not to reach 100%.
Firstly, some of the Crystal Audio Codec chips have a known fault whereby
they cause the loops to fade when F/B is on 100%. Secondly, mismatched 
crystals can also cause this same fault. We can discount both of these as
your EDP has worked properly, and from a more recent posting, you say the
fault has gone away; this maybe only temporary. These two faults are always
picked up in the factory, as we soak-test every unit for 24 hours. 

This all points to the old-age problem of dirty contacts. If you haven't
used the EDP for a while, oxidation may well have formed on the SIMM
contacts and that can give a whole host of problems. Easy to remedy 
remove the SIMMs and clean the contacts with either a fibre-glass pencil,
(used for cleaning circuit boards and erasing ink when draughting), or a
standard pencil eraser, (you're more likely to lay your hands on one of
I would also recommend removing the EPROMS that hold the software, and then
re-seat them. To check whether the unit will loop without degeneration, put
a very small loop into the unit, (just a single click or note is best), and
leave it going for an hour. As the EDP will re-generate this loop 1000's of
times in that hour, it is a good indication that the Feedback is working

Good luck,

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> Subject: Back in the saddle, again...
> Hi all,
>     After an extended and unexpected hiatus, I've join the 
> list again. What
> did I miss? I've been upgrading my rig, practicing daily, 
> and getting ready
> to start playing out again. I'm adding a hardware 
> sequencer/synth this week,
> to run my echoplex with.
>     Unfortunately, my echoplex seems to be broken :< I can't turn the
> feedback to 100% any more - it's always fading out. It doesn't seem to
> matter whether I use a pedal, or the front panel (though the 
> pedal is rather
> flaky - it could be unrelated). Anyone had this happen to 
> them? It's a bit
> of a show stopper, unless I keep 'filling up' the loop every once in a
> while, which breaks the song structure and confuses band 
> mates. I'd be
> loath to do it live. Any suggestions?
> Jonathan El-Bizri