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Re: sample looper boss Dr. Sample SP-303 (?)

I just got one a couple weeks ago, and i love it.  I think it is key to use
the smart media cards, cause that is the only way to get digital samples
directly in.  Also, using the analog inputs, it is hard to get the timing
just right, but with the smart media card, i can input wav files (which i
export from Cubase), with perfect timing (since Cubase cuts the samples
right at the end of the bar).  Plus, using the sequencer, I can set the BPM
to the same as I had on Cubase, and it comes out PERFECT.  Sequencing the
samples is REALLY nice, as i can switch sequences with a punch of a button.

The sound quality is good.  I noticed that the sampled files were about 1/3
the size of the wav samples, so it must not be quite CD-quality, although
they claim that it is.  Also, the built in effects are decent.  Another
thing I like about the smart media storage is that it is silent, unlike the
SP-808, which constantly accesses the (somewhat noisy, and less reliable)
zip drive.

The one downside to the SP-303 is that it only has a MIDI IN, so you can
sync it off other units, but you can't sync other units off it.  It would
be nice if i could have this drive an EDP or a Jam Man, using the MIDI beat
clock...but I can't...i guess i would need to upgrade to the SP-808 for
that capaibility.  Or I could use antoher MIDI beat source to driveboth....

Anyways, its a great companion to any digital audio software.  USB Smart
media writers are only $30-40.  And, being my first sampler, its nice to
have access to my samples, without having to power up my computer. Plus,
there is the portability factor!   I'm sure there are better samplers out
there for more $$, but i think its worth the $400 ($300, + an extra $100
for a smart media writer and a 64MB card.)

- chris

>Hey loopkids,
>Gotta 3 day weekend ahead of me and a $100 dollar gift certificate at
>the Guitar Center (as if they sell much under a $100....)
>and I was wondering about the Boss Dr. Sample SP-303.  I really like the
>idea of being able to sample anywhere using it's battery feature.  (Pat
>Mastelotto uses it a LOT on the ProjecKt X cd... a great cd imho)  Have
>any of you used it?  Is it worth the $300?  Are there better?  Should I
>save my cash and get something more real?  My main purpose is to sample
>bits of media (movies, tv, self help tapes, ect...) and bring it into
>the mix.