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        A precious Hello to all Loopers,

Loopers Delight is a great Forum for everybody who is busy in various forms
of looping.
A real great network,where I got a lot of new ideas from.From a technical
side the same
as from musical,music theory and so on.Really a great platform ! 

If not already realized(then please forget this tiny,stupid question),then
it could be another
fine thing,to make a catalogue for venues,wich are "well suited" for 
artists of all kinds.
Maybe on festivals or "looping only" events.

In the US such a catalogue is already exisiting,but I would recommend,to
widden it up to Europe.
In Europe their is a small but tough looping community.And I guess in Japan
or Australia too.
So why not realize a "Map" for Live Loopers?
Besides such events,could also be a kind of conference about the newest
efforts in the scene.

For the region of Germany,where I live in,I know around 3 venues,wich are
openminded for looping
So the Network could make it possible to have -for example- a Germany Tour
for an US-Looper.
If more US Loopers make together a Tour,it could be a big programme for a
show.Maybe also
with a "looping improvisation".......
This is just an example....

What I want to say is,to have a network,where virtuality changes to
Reality.The Looper Cracks
at a regional location could organize the event,connected to the upper
national Looper Ring,they
could arrange a "Germany Tour" for example.....

Wouldn´t it be great to listen to Matthias Grob on Tour,together with 
Voit and maybe me ?
hahahahaha......Just an idea ! 

And I mean really all kind of loopers.If you are guitarist,if you are DJ,if
you are a vocalist or just
the Capuccino Man who likes to loop his Coffeemashine.....

Could it be an idea ?