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Re: sample looper boss Dr. Sample SP-303 (?)

I had one of these for a while. It has stereo RCA ins and outs, so it would
be easy to hook VCRs and tape decks into it and run the audio out to a
mixer. At first when I did this I was using the tape ins on the mixer/4
track/whatever, but really it's a better idea to get a cable that has dual
RCA on one end and dual 1/4" plugs on the other. That way you can plug into
two powered channels and have more control over the eq, levels, panning 
effects and whatnot. If you're saving 100 bucks, you might want to spend
that money on a smart card fo rmore sample storage. If you stay in high
quality mode you run out of memory kinda fast, and you can play less stuff
at once, use less effects etc. If you're just looking to have good quality
one-shot samples at your fingertips, this isn't bad. As for the 
Sorry to be a doomsayer but this thing eats AAs fast. Mine only took a few
hours to drain enough so that it wouldn't fully power up. Either buy a lot
of cheap ones or invest in a 9v wall wart. Don't just take my word for it
though, I only had mine a short while because I needed the cash back.

You might be able to find one for cheaper on ebay if you dig around, it
seems like a lot of people sold theirs. Whether you buy from the store or
try to find one used online, I'd definitely try it out in the store first.
Take a discman with a 1/8" to dual RCA cable and try sampling that way. If
they don't have it hooked up, make them do it. You have a right to hear
anything before you buy it. We don't have Guitar Center here so I'm not 
what they're like to their customers. I'd try a few things out, but you may
be pleased with this little critter. And hey if you don't like it, you've
got the beginnings of a fund for a more high end sampler, right? Hope this


> Gotta 3 day weekend ahead of me and a $100 dollar gift certificate at
> the Guitar Center (as if they sell much under a $100....)
> > and I was wondering about the Boss Dr. Sample SP-303.  I really like 
> idea of being able to sample anywhere using it's battery feature.  (Pat
> Mastelotto uses it a LOT on the ProjecKt X cd... a great cd imho)  Have
> any of you used it?  Is it worth the $300?  Are there better?  Should I
> save my cash and get something more real?  My main purpose is to sample
> bits of media (movies, tv, self help tapes, ect...) and bring it into
> the mix.