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Re: Boss Loop Sampler RC 20?

I'm still looking for an LD'er to give the RC-20 a good review, but in the
mean time I have put up a section at the web site about it:


That will at least lead you to past discussion about the RC-20 on this list
and some other places, and any other info I could dig up.

It seems to me the Boss RC-20 is more in competition with the line6 DL-4
and the Boomerang, not the repeater or EDP. It certainly isn't intended for
DJ's, since it is a footpedal. Whether that makes it good for
guitarists/bassists/etc vs. the competition I can't say, cause I'm still
waiting for somebody to do that review!


At 12:16 PM -0700 5/27/01, wavecomputer360@gmx.de wrote:
>    Hi folks,   although not really new to this list this is my  first
>official post 8). Does anybody have any hands-on experience with the Boss
>RC 20 (or whatever it is called like)? Seems to be an interesting
>alternative to  an EDP or a Repeater, primarily because of its price. Is
>it as easy an  intuitively to handle as a Jam Man? Or is it just a tool
>that -- in its  application -- is more or less aimed at DJs and that kinda
>stuff? Can I make use  of the whole loop time available, or do I have to
>chop up these 5.30 minutes  into smaller bits?   Anyway, any
>recommendation for or against it is  welcome. Im fed up with waiting for
>an affordable Echoplex, let alone a  Repeater. TIA,   Stephen.   PS: If
>anybody cares to know what kind of music Im  busy with, check
><http://www.nodular.de>www.nodular.de Thanks for looking.

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