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Re: Loopers-Network

> If not already realized(then please forget this tiny,stupid 
> it could be another
> fine thing,to make a catalogue for venues,wich are "well suited" for 
> artists of all kinds.
> Maybe on festivals or "looping only" events.

This is a great idea, though the only problem (and I guess it's to your 
credit that you are this optomistic), is that to loop
or not to loop is not often the question, it's whether or not you're any 
good... I've been booked into quite a few venues
that have never had loopers before because they like what I do, and 
bypassed by some other loop-friendly venues who obviously
don't like what I do...

this 'ere wonderful looping community contains such a diffuse rabble of 
experimental music makers, from full on
noise-merchants to nice melodic jazzy people, ambient soundscapists to 
Rick Walker and his day-glo plastic mastery...

What is great, and is already on the site, is the directory of loopers - 
which means you can hopefully find music by most of
the guys on list - and also the range of contacts that are made on list 
anyway. Via this list, I've managed to get gigs in
Northern California, and Stephen Goodman was able to play at a festival 
here in London after coming to see me play at a venue
and getting the details about upcoming events at the time... the 
networking is happening... :o)

I'm not trying to dampen any enthusiasm, and anyone who knows of venues 
that would be up for booking a solo bass looper, do
let me know! But do be aware that just cos the Knitting Factory loves Stig 
or DT, they might not get off on Joe Schmoe and
his DL4-belching-and-farting show :o)

maybe I'm just stating the obvious and sounding like a kill joy - I hope 
not, that's wasn't my intention... :o)

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