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Re: sample looper boss Dr. Sample SP-303 (?)

I don't own one myself, but I've seen them used very effectively by people 
I've collaborated with and at shows. Their size really makes them 
attractive. Price is pretty good too...


>>> sine@zerocrossing.net 05/25/01 01:37PM >>>
Hey loopkids,

Gotta 3 day weekend ahead of me and a $100 dollar gift certificate at
the Guitar Center (as if they sell much under a $100....)

and I was wondering about the Boss Dr. Sample SP-303.  I really like the
idea of being able to sample anywhere using it's battery feature.  (Pat
Mastelotto uses it a LOT on the ProjecKt X cd... a great cd imho)  Have
any of you used it?  Is it worth the $300?  Are there better?  Should I
save my cash and get something more real?  My main purpose is to sample
bits of media (movies, tv, self help tapes, ect...) and bring it into
the mix.