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RE: I hope this doesn't strain Gibson's advertising budget.......

You Sir, are a buffoon!.

Speaking from the 'Collective', I like to think I know the music industry
fairly well, having worked for Trace Elliot for 15 years and I'd like to
make a point. If Gibson hadn't of bought us 2 years ago, Trace would have
been dissolved; I still have my 13-years Redundancy notice framed on the
wall. I know the 60 people I work with, who all have a passion for music,
are very grateful that they can carry on doing the jobs they love. There 
no other music companies anywhere in our area so we would all have had to
either move or find jobs in other industries.
I know to the outside, Gibson appear to buy and destroy small companies, 
the reality is, these guys are usually in serious trouble before Gibson 
in; we were. For some it's too late, Opcode being an example. I now know 
real reasons for the failure and closure of such businesses and it cannot 
blamed on any callous act by Gibson.
Having spent quite some time now with Henry Juszkiewicz, I have nothing but
respect for him and his vision, he's not the mad megalomaniac some would
like to believe. Letting us have manufacture of the Echoplex is a gift; 
few products I have ever dealt with have had such a following and demand.
This has been a great challenge for us as digital stuff was just 'something
other people did' as we are first and foremost analogue amp MOSFET/TUBE
designers, something we can continue to be, thanks to Gibson.

Please think in future before making such ill-informed, defamatory remarks.
I thought someone with a PhD might have slightly more intelligence and

Best regards,
Andy @ Trace,
Echoplex Project Leader.

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> Gibson is the "Evil Empire."  My personal plea is that people 
> permanently boycott Gibson in memory of the smaller companies they 
> have absorbed in Borg-like fashion.
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